The Total Tragedy Of A Girl Named Hamlet (Hardcover)

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All Hamlet Kennedy wants is to be a normal eighth grader. But with parents like hers – Shakespearean scholars who actually dress in Elizabethan regalia . . . in public! – it’s not that easy. As if they weren’t strange enough, her genius seven-year-old sister will be attending her middle school, and is named the new math tutor. Then, when the Shakespeare Project is announced, Hamlet reveals herself to be an amazing actress. Even though she wants to be average, Hamlet can no longer hide from the fact that she- like her family – is anything but ordinary.

About the Author

Erin Dionne is an assistant professor of liberal arts at a small college north of Boston, where she teaches freshman comp, lit classes, and some creative writing electives. When not actively promoting her writing with great humor and enthusiastic understanding of the magic and miseries of middle school, Erin reminisces about her days in high school and college marching band. She lives with her husband and daughter in Framingham, Massachusetts.


Hamlet believably grows to fit the new challenges in her life, and her frustrations, presented in a good-humored, first-person narrative, are entertainingly contained within the three Shakespearean(ish) acts of this amusing tale…
-Kirkus Reviews

[Hamlet’s] emotions will resonate with anyone who has been embarrassed by family or confused by boys.
-Publisher’s Weekly

I totally, untragically, LOVED Hamlet!
-Lauren Myracle, best-selling author

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