The Young Reader’s Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet (Hardcover)

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“Are you Romeo, and a Montague?”
“Neither, fair maid, if either you dislike.”
Juliet smiled.
This wonderfully contemporary retelling features enticing art on nearly every page and provides an excellent introduction to the story. Written by an outstanding scholar in simple, eloquent language, it will draw youngsters in with superb dialogue, and vivid description. The skillful blending of Shakespeare’s own lines with modern language enhances children’s involvement and comprehension. There’s background on Shakespeare and the play; answers to FAQs such as “Isn’t Juliet too young to be married?” and a “Who’s Who” of the characters. Young Reader’s Shakespeare is a powerful visual and reading experience.
“For many young people, Romeo and Juliet is the best introduction to Shakespeare, with its story of passionate teenage lovers doomed by their parents’ feuds. Part of the Young Reader’s Shakespeare series, McKeown’s long, detailed prose retelling stays true to the spirit of the play, scene by scene, blending many of Shakespeare’s poetic lines (“What’s in a name?” “My only love sprung from my only hate”) with a clear, contemporary narrative. Fiore’s small line-and-watercolor illustrations help stage the drama with characters in period costume and close-ups of quarreling families and passionate lovers. Only the balcony scene doesn’t seem right; where’s the moonlit setting? McKeown speaks without condescension in his excellent introduction, making clear that this is only one interpretation of a complex play. Fun to read, this will also be fine preparation for a young audience getting ready to see the play.”
-Hazel Rochman, American Library Association

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