Friday All-Day: Intensives in Original Pronunciation, Stagecraft, and Puppetry (1/26 10am-10pm)


Take all of our Friday Intensives for a discounted rate of $150 to save $25!

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Friday, January 26, 2018 from 10:00am-10:00pm.

Take all of our Friday Intensives for a discounted rate of $150 to save $25!

10:00am-1:00pm – Original Pronunciation 3-hour Intensive ($50)

What did Shakespeare’s accent – and that of his actors and audience – sound like? What can we learn from hearing and speaking his works in that accent? And with no recordings or transcriptions available to us, how do we know?

Come and explore the fascinating 400 year old sound of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, learn how to speak your favourite speech or sonnet in Original Pronunciation, and discover a world hidden beneath our modern, prescribed “Shakespeare Voice”.

This workshop will reveal works full of rhyme, rhythm, and a very subtle humour – and a not-so-subtle one too – as well as helping you find a grounded, earthy Shakespeare voice, that’s truly and uniquely yours.

2:00-5:00pm – Sharpening your Stagecraft ($50)

How would Shakespeare’s actors craft dynamic, clear performances without the aid of a director blocking the show? How do the structure of his plays and soliloquies allow you to harness the energy between the audience, your fellow players, your environment, and your selfe to effortlessly play with clarity, honesty, and ease in any environment?

In this Lab-style, explorative workshop, you will develop a unique and embodied sense of your own stage-craft – tapping into hints from the text, the dynamics of your ensemble, and your natural impulses to solve directors’ problems before they even know there’s a problem to be solved.

With cue-script in hand, actors can play not just to the words being said, but can immediately respond to the improvised stage movements of their fellow actors, continually creating beautiful stage pictures for a director to shape – or, as Shakespeare’s actors themselves, play together without need for a director at all.

6:00-10:00pm – Breathing Life & Character into Puppets ($75)

Come to this workshop and walk away with the confidence to take on those future auditions, that suddenly say; ‘Okay now puppet this…’

Lead by the internationally renowned duo, clown and puppeteer Sean Garratt, and puppet maker, designer and director Helen Foan, you will develop a vocabulary in the craft of puppetry.

Over the evening, be guided through exercises covering the basics to ‘puppet life’, how to approach different types of puppets, how to make random bits of trash come alive, and how to bring out the personality in a new found puppet.


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