Saturday All-Day: Speed-Dating with Shakespeare (1/27: 10am-8pm)


Take all of our Speed-Dating with Shakespeare sessions for a discounted rate of $150 (it’s like getting one session free!)

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Saturday, January 27, 2018 from 10:00am-8:00pm.


Take all of our Speed-Dating with Shakespeare sessions for a discounted rate of $150 (it’s like getting one session free!)


10:00-11:30am – Grounding & Tuning with Sticks

Developed from exercises taught by LeCoq and Complicite into key ensemble and Shakespeare rehearsal methods, start the day with a grounding, focussed sequence of exercises, designed to help the actor tune their own physical awareness, and switch on their sensitivity to both the room, and the rest of their fellow players in it.


12:00-1:30pm –  Kinesthetic Ensemble Training

Your kinesphere, the bubble of space around you that shrinks and grows depending on whether you’re on the Subway or on a hilltop.

How much space you need around you shifts and changes throughout the day, and in rehearsal and performance, as part of a story-telling Ensemble.

Switching on the 180 degrees of space behind us, that we pay little attention to, and rarely see, and take an early lunch to focus focusing on your backspace. Following the work of UK movement guru Jennifer Jackson, spend 90 minutes learning how to quickly tune into your selfe, turning on your spidey-sense, becoming able to improvise freely around your fellow players, intuiting each other’s next moves by heart.


2:00-3:00pm – Acting from the First Folio

Once regarded as the version for geeks, the First Folio edition of Shakespeare’s plays put together by two of his actors 400 years ago has become a respected first source, a must-have for practitioners, and a standard basis for comparison with a modern, edited text in more traditional rehearsal rooms.

Filled with acting clues that are edited out of modern texts, learn what to look out for in the First Folio, and let Shakespeare’s actors show you the way through a speech or scene.


3:30-4:30pm – The Magicke of Cue Scripts

Shakespeare’s actors would rehearse a play in a matter of days, each using only a copy of their own lines, the lines when they would enter and exit, the three words directly “cueing” their words or actions — and that’s it. Using modern versions of these Elizabethan rehearsal tools, how much can they teach us about character, stage-craft, and blocking – and how quickly can they let us work?

Moving away from the modern, 20th century tradition of repetition, repetition, repetition, begin to learn the especial quality of active listening that comes from not knowing what’s going to be said next, and craft a very different way of acting Shakespeare.


5:00-6:00pm – Spehk thuh spehch, oi preh yer (Intro to Original Pronunciation)

Come and learn Original Pronunciation with Ben Crystal, speaking the accent out loud in a group before trying it on your own, if you like.

Working to speak a Sonnet and a speech in the accent Shakespeare and his company spoke 400 years ago, rhymes begin to rhyme again, puns are revealed – and you’ll find a grounded, earthy sound rising out of you, a far cry from the traditional “Shakespeare voice”.


6:30-8:00pm – The Puppet Speaks Shakespeare

A crash course in how to survive a puppetry audition, or worse – be thrust a puppet in rehearsal in the same moment you’re asked if you have any puppetry experience.

Internationally renowned actors and puppet masters Helen Foan and Sean Garratt cover the basics to ‘puppet life’, then dive deep into an exploration of giving a puppet voice – through Shakespeare’s words.


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