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Big News: Sticks Day Jan 28 now Donation-Based!

BIG NEWS on our workshops next weekend — the Sunday sticks day is now 1-5pm, and completely donation-based! Throw in whatever you can afford, whether that’s $100 or a quarter, and come experience a deeper intensive afternoon exploring with the sticks.

Though this day is entirely donation-based, we do still require you to sign-up in advance. If you have not already, just click here and it to your cart before checking out as normal.

WHY THE CHANGE? We have been offered a fantastic deal by the amazing folks of Long Island City Artists at the Plaxall Gallery! A beautiful, expansive space beside a temporary working area for local visual artists in financial need.

Because of the communal aspect of the space and the significant reduction on space rental costs that we are receiving because of Plaxall’s generosity, we are throwing the doors open for our Sunday sticks exploration on a purely donation basis. This is particularly exciting for all of us, because we’ve found that the sticks not only bring a renewed vigor, spontaneity, and groundedness to our work as actors but have had a huge meditative and centering influence on our lives.

PLEASE NOTE: This day is not an introduction to stick work: it is an expansion and deeper exploration, so a familiarity & confidence in the fundamentals of the training is highly recommended. If you don’t have extensive experience with our ensemble stick training or the Lecoq and Complicité training that inspired it, we highly recommend that you come in for at least the $30, 90-minute “speed-dating” sessions on Saturday called “Grounding & Tuning with Sticks and “Kinesthetic Ensemble Training These sessions will introduce newcomers to the work, and give a focused deepening in the fundamentals to those with limited prior experience.

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